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Mat Budymat

Pedal Steel-Sessions-Recording-Live



Velvet Underground "Candy says" cover with Kacimi

"Mat Budymat" Grand Lynx

My side project between psychedelic prog and Country rock "Grand Lynx"

Richard Cory by Vesperland

"Sous les eaux"


Tuning your steel

I created this calculator to allow you to tune your Pedal Steel. Calculate your cabinet drop and enter it in the top box and you will get your values for strings, pedals and knee in cents or in frequency depending on the pitch you have chosen (440-441-442).  

Pedal steel sessions

I move regularly for studio sessions or record at home where I also have a fully equipped recording studio and work mainly on Protools HD. For takes several rooms are fully equipped to place amps and mic in different conditions or ambient situation (natural reverbs, space...). I aslo use trident préamps for the capture and many vintage microphones.

Studio sessions

- Protools HD [up to 24/192].
- Antelope discrete 8 DAW interface.
- Oram Trident [pre comp].
- Akg 414, Schoeps mic.
Final tracks can be provided in the following formats:
- 8,16,24,32 bits.
- 44,100 Hz, 48,000 Hz, 96,000 Hz, 192,000 Hz.
- 2.1 to 7.1 & sub
Note: The worldwide CD and digital standard is 44,100 Hz. This means that for every second, there are 44,100 samples played. The higher the sample rate (the number of "snapshots" of sound taken per second), the more precise the analysis and encoding of music into digital data will be. The sample rate affects the range of audio frequency from the lowest to the highest tonal value that can be stored.


Custom K amp with PF 350 (350w) 12" & PF400 (400w) 15"/AKG 414 axis 15"/SM57 out axis 12"/Diamond Memory lane.Jr delay Analog Anasound "The brute" spring reverb.

Pedal steel sessions

Schild Sd 10 01

Pedalboard 01

Pedalboard 02

Pedalboard 03

Pedalboard 04

Kelt 1

Kelt 2

Kelt 4


Steel 02

Steel 01

Kelt 3

Peavey 01

Ll 2 09

Ll 2 03

Jackson Madison D 10

20201216 115902

Tonylap 01

Telecaster Custom

Goldtone 8 1

Emmons Lashley Legrande 02


Stay Tuned

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