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Jackson Madison 63 for sale

For sale sumptuous pedal steel Jackson Madison. Attention it is a unique steel and probably one of the most beautiful realization concerning this instrument. This is a 2011 reissue of a "permanent" model made by Sho-Bud in the early 60's. This steel is an incredible piece with unique care taken in manufacturing. The mechanism is a Pull Release with an innovation that only exists on this guitar, in fact the downward action (lower) is carried out not at the level of the change but at the level of the mechanisms (the latter pivot). On the aesthetic side, it takes up the codes of the time with wraparound at the level of the head, varnish with a buffer, choice of woods. In short, it's a masterpiece. The steel is 2 necks, one tuned in E9 and another in C6 with 8 pedals and 4 knee levers. The Pedal Steel is in mint condition
Price drop: 5900€ + Shipping.
Serial number: 100 (the first Madison made)