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Evans Custom Amplifiers SE200

1x15 200w Steel Guitar Amplifier.
Mint condition, few hours playing.
This amp is likewise perfect for jazz guitar.

Evans SE200 - Incredible Power and Tone!

The Evans SE200 provides rich, satisfying, tube like complexity without the hassle a quirky tube amplifier. No other solid state amp does a better job of mimicking the full tone of a good tube amplifier.

A Fantastic Amp for a Variety of Styles

This versatile amp is used by players from numerous styles: jazz archtop players love the ultra clean, vintage tube vibe reminiscent of jazz greats like Wes Montgomery and Kenny Burrell. When used in conjunction with a Telecaster one can get plenty of bright twang and some overdriven grit if need be. Even Gypsy jazzers have been able to replicate the sound Django Reinhardt achieved with the old French made Stimer amps.

The SE200 Features Highly Sophisticated Tone Controls

One of the outstanding features of the SE200 is it's unique tone controls. No other amp gives you so many possibilities to shape your guitar's sound. In addition to conventional Bass and Treble controls, the JE200 includes the following advanced EQ options: Buff, Depth, Body, and Expand. The Body control does beautiful things to the midrange, making even the thinnest sound guitar sound fat and warm. The Depth control adds a full, but "tight" low end for increased bass response. If you need some overdrive, the Buff control will add some tube like distortion. The Expand control is useful if you'd like to add some high end sparkle to your sound.

Custom Evans Cabinet

The SE200 features a hand built open back custom wood cabinet optimized for tone and feedback resistance. The vintage, retro look is attractive and there is also a built in tilt stand which will tilt the amp up 45 degrees. Equipped with a 15" Neodymium Speaker.

Steel guitar amp


*custom duties & shipping not included
*douane et frais de port non inclus

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