Tuning your pedal steel guitar

The pedal steel guitar need a good tuning to get the right sound, some call that tuning consistency. This consistency is the result of tuning adjustment based on your "frequency A reference". This mean that your different strings  are not on the same frequency if you take A 440 as a reference but lightly higher, lower or equal, we call that "temperance". For exemple when we look at the Jeff Newman tuning chart, for A 440 your G# is 439hz, B 442... etc. For some reasons this chart is not in stone but varies depending on the different models, cabinet drop... This mean that you must find the good tuning and cents adjustement for your own instrument. Using the existing chart is a good starting point but for anyone who wants a steel totaly in tune, harmonics method is essential. With this different method you'll find the good score difference in cent to make your own chart or programming your tuner or use the real ear method with harmonics.

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