Tuning by ear with harmonics

When you play a string on a pedal steel guitar, you can obtain particular notes by touching the string lightly with your finger on certain frets. Those notes are call "harmonics". For exemple you can obtain a E open string with string 1 or 10 and the same note (octave up) with harmonics by touching the string at fret 12.With the same string you can obtain:

B by touching the string at fret 7
E by touching the string at fret 5 (this E is 2 octave up from the E open string.
G# by touching the string at fret 4 or 9

From this principle we are ready to tune the pedal steel guitar with and without pedal and knee basis on E9 chromatic tuning


For exemple 3B(7) -----4(5) mean string 3 with B pedal engage touched at fret 7 give string 4 touched at fret 5. Then we tune string 4 in concert with the string 3. As string 4 has no pedal or knee engage we
tune string 4 open string (otherwise we tune the edal or knee with the nylon tunings).


3B (open) : Tuning the A from a frequency reference such as keyboard, tuner. Note: Choose your global frequency ref (440, 441, 442...)...

Harmonics tuning chart reference:

3B(7) 4(5) String 4 relative to A reference (E)
4(4) 3(5) String 3 relative to string 4 (G#)
4(5)  3B(7) String 3 with pedal B (A)
4(7)  5(5) String 5 relative to string 4 (B)
4(4)  5A(3) String 5 relative to string 4 (B)
3(12) 6(5) String 6 relative to string 
4(12) 8(5) String 8 (E)
5(12)  10(5) String 10 (B)
5A(12)  10A(5) String 10 with pedal A (C#)
10(7)  7(12) String 7 (F#)
6B(12)  9(7) String 9 (D)
3(7)  4E(5) String 4 Knee E (Eb)
4E(12) 2(12) String 2 (Eb)
3B(12) 2D(7) String 2 knee D (D)
5(7) 1(12) String 1 (F#)
6B(4)  5C(5) String 5 pedal C (C#)
5C(5)  C(7) String 4 pedal C (F#)
5A(4)  4F(5) String ' knee F (F)
4F(12)  8F(5) String 8 knee F (F)

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