The mysterious "Cabinet Drop"

The term "cabinet drop" is used whenever a NON pulled string goes flat when any OTHER string or strings is/are raised. An example is the 6th string on E9th. When the A pedal is engaged the 6th string will go slightly flat on most PSG's. Some guitars do it more than others. The same thing happens on the 4th string when the A and/or B pedal is engaged. And so on.

Before starting tuning your steel with the calculator you must find your cabinet drop value by following these steps.

Press A and B pedals.
- Tune  the 3rd string with pedal B engaged (A) 440hz ref.
- Tune 4th string (E) 440hz ref.
- Tune 5th string pedal A engaged (C#) 440hz ref - 14 cents.
- Released Pedals and check the E on the tuner.  It has certainly climb a few cents (about 2 cents in most common case) this value is what we call "cabinet drop". We'll have to consider this error for our tuning process.


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