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Mat Budymat Davallet

Mat Budymat Davallet

Tuesday, 10 March 2015 20:24


An overview of my work as Sound engineer and (or) Pedal steel & Guitarist player
Quelques morceaux sur lesquels j'ai travaillé comme Joueur de pedal steel et (ou) guitariste ainsi que comme ingénieur du son.

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Tuesday, 10 March 2015 20:24




-1972 Born with his twin sister J.C.V / Grenoble / France. Mischevious and  happy childhood with a liberal education
-1984 Broke the familly classical guitar for the third time /got into my elder brother's Genesis first period albums.
-1985 Inserted the cassette and pushed "play" then heard the amazing Byrds' "Turn turn turn"....this went after my first shot at weed
-1987 First guitar (flyin V cheap model with cheap humbuckers). Flat guitar tapping  and noise experiments
-1985 Discovered "Rust never sleep" , "Zuma" and "Everybody knows this is nowhere", Neil Young's masterpieces. Spent my summer vacations in a dark room with headphones on while girls were "on the beach"
-1990 Grunge times/ flannel shirts, ripped jeans and stoner music. First western guitar (Martin economic)
-1991 Bachelor's degree then second degree studies in geography (then the master's degree a  few years later)
-1993 Turning a Fender Stratocaster-type solid body in an near functional lapsteel
-1995 8 tracks analog Fostex with a small preamp. Held and dismantled everything electrical in my house
-1997 8 tracks digital recorder and the beginning of the protools adventure 
-1999 INA certification in sound engineering
-1999 First introduction to pedal steel (Sho-Bud), kept the instrument in its case but occasionally played on albums for fun.
-2000 "Lotus" studio Grenoble (nonsense period)
-2002 "Microclimat" studio Fontaine (inner ear construction period)
-2005 "la Poudriere" Studio , Le murier (consecration period)
-2005 Digidesign protools expert certification
-2007 Moved to Lyon
-2008 "Sonic Box" Studio , Lyon (Heavy metal period)
-2009 Second approach to studying pedal steel  and extensive studying.
-2014 Moved to western France (Vendée), near Nantes and near the ocean. Third step in studying Pedal steel (spending more time than ever to be a goody goody player). Now it's time for home recording sessions and band collaborations.
-2095  Died on stage from electric shock

Pedal steel expertise:

- Refurbishment
- Metal refurbishment
- Joinery
- electronical
- Setup and adjustment

Sound engineering:
- Protools (all version) digidesign expert certification validate in 2004

Computer expertise:

- PC and mac configuration, repair and optimisation MAO, network and hardware
- Software knowledge: multimedia, graphism and web design
- Good knowledge under GNU, shell and linux environment


- 2nd degree of rugby coach
- Chidhood educator certification
- Pedestrian hiking and survival in hostile environment

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Tuesday, 10 March 2015 20:24


Pedal Steel Guitar in France & European area. Here you'll find many informations about me, my work as Pedal Steel Guitar player, sound engineer or for Pedal Steel refurbishment & adjustment.
Une partie de ce site est en français. Vous trouverez de nombreuses informations pratiques ainsi qu'un large aperçu de mon travail comme musicien, ingénieur du son ou metteur au point et réstaurateur de Pedal Steel Guitars.

 Ear the sound of my new Kelt Amp !! more inforation soon.
LL2 1And a new Emmons Lashley Legrande 2, total tone !!
My Pedal-Board chain (Sept 2018)

Pedalboard board Steel 2

Le site de mon ami et mentor Lionel Duhaupas qui m'a appris à comprendre l'essentiel de cet instrument compliqué. Pour tout ceux qui vivent dans le sud-ouest de la france (ou ailleurs) et qui veulent maitriser le Pick Blocking dans les règles de l'art et avoir l'attention d'un super pédagogue (plein de vidéos péda en ligne).

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