-1972 Born with his twin sister J.C.V / Grenoble / France. Mischevious and  happy childhood with a liberal education
-1984 Broke the familly classical guitar for the third time /got into my elder brother's Genesis first period albums.
-1985 Inserted the cassette and pushed "play" then heard the amazing Byrds' "Turn turn turn"....this went after my first shot at weed
-1987 First guitar (flyin V cheap model with cheap humbuckers). Flat guitar tapping  and noise experiments
-1985 Discovered "Rust never sleep" , "Zuma" and "Everybody knows this is nowhere", Neil Young's masterpieces. Spent my summer vacations in a dark room with headphones on while girls were "on the beach"
-1990 Grunge times/ flannel shirts, ripped jeans and stoner music. First western guitar (Martin economic)
-1991 Bachelor's degree then second degree studies in geography (then the master's degree a  few years later)
-1993 Turning a Fender Stratocaster-type solid body in an near functional lapsteel
-1995 8 tracks analog Fostex with a small preamp. Held and dismantled everything electrical in my house
-1997 8 tracks digital recorder and the beginning of the protools adventure 
-1999 INA certification in sound engineering
-1999 First introduction to pedal steel (Sho-Bud), kept the instrument in its case but occasionally played on albums for fun.
-2000 "Lotus" studio Grenoble (nonsense period)
-2002 "Microclimat" studio Fontaine (inner ear construction period)
-2005 "la Poudriere" Studio , Le murier (consecration period)
-2005 Digidesign protools expert certification
-2007 Moved to Lyon
-2008 "Sonic Box" Studio , Lyon (Heavy metal period)
-2009 Second approach to studying pedal steel  and extensive studying.
-2018 - After moved to western France Vendée then Britain, home recording sessions, studio, on stage and a lot of band collaborations.
-2095  Died on stage from electric shock

Pedal steel expertise:

- Refurbishment
- Metal refurbishment
- Joinery
- electronical
- Setup and adjustment

Sound engineering:

- Protools (all version) digidesign expert certification validate in 2004

Computer expertise:

- PC and mac configuration, repair and optimisation MAO, network and hardware
- Software knowledge: multimedia, graphism and web design
- Good knowledge under GNU, shell and linux environment


- 2nd degree of rugby coach
- Chidhood educator certification
- Pedestrian hiking and survival in hostile environment


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