"Pedal Steel is not a traditional slide guitar or whatever but a mix based on several instruments of the American folklore. It is a modern string machine in its own right."
Recording sessions / Live / Teaching


Oct 2020 new "Kacimi" clip with creamy budy steel

pizpalu matLast live sessions at PizPalu festival (switzerland). (Aug 2020, confined set !)

"Gyrophare" as main single from eponym album. (out oct 2020)

From live in studio session (Lyon 2018)

Pedalboard board Steel 2Born in Grenoble Mat Budymat is one of the rare player of Pedal Steel guitar in France. Also guitarist and multi-instrumentalist he stands out from the beginning by paying particular attention to Honky Tonk music and psychedelic crossroads of the 70s, from The Byrds to Merle Haggard to actuals americana bands like Wilco. He also has many collaborations with french artists (Dionyos, Rhesus ..) or American (The Posies) and has performed in many styles (country, americana, pop, electro) as session or « on stage » player. He has also participated as a sound engineer for more than 20 years in nearly 150 LP, EP, pre-releases or live recordings. He now lives in Brittany and always involves his steel guitar planing or engaged in many projects.

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